Questions & Answers

Yes, the SwissMadeMarketing Rank Tracker works for any country and region supported by Google. We can fetch neutral non-personalized search results from,,,,, and every other regional version of Google. No matter what country you operate in, no matter what language your keywords are in, Rank Tracker will automatically find and track your web pages' rankings -- automatically, daily, and without further input required from you.

When you are using the SwissMadeMarketing Rank Tracker, you never have to worry about any of the technical stuff. You don't need proxies, you'll never be blocked by Google, and you don't even have to install anything on your computer. Rank Tracker runs completely "in the cloud", which means that all you have to do is log in and check your rankings. We take care of the rest. Plus, Rank Tracker works for you all day, every day, without ever slowing down your internet connection.

It checks the first 50 pages of Google's search results, so to position 500!

Yes, all you need is a browser and since you are reading this, you already have that covered! You can access all of your Rank Tracker data online, simply by logging in. In addition, you never have to download anything, you don't need to follow any complicated installation or upgrade processes and you don't have to worry about compatibility or performance issues. Rank Tracker simply works.

Yes, you can use this for your clients, to keep track of their sites' rankings and impress them with quick and complete insights into the progression of your SEO campaigns. There is no additional licensing fee, you can use Rank Tracker for as many clients as you like, at no extra cost.