On Demand Training

On Demand Training

The Hidden Potential of Your Existing Contacts

  • How even a small email list can become a gold mine
  • You've got more contacts than you think, and the places to find them
  • How you can get started without an email marketing tool
  • Real case study: more than $10,000 sales from a list of 100 contacts
  • Copy and paste templates for your emails to help you get started

One-time payment – NO subscription – immediate access

Everyone has them: Existing and potential contacts. 

But do you know exactly which contacts you have in your database and how you can best profit from them?

This is the question we want to address in this training.


We will discuss the following points:

 How you can easily profit from your list (no matter how small it is)

 Why Email Marketing is still so important and still works so well (Effort vs. Outcome)

 Why complex technology is not necessary (no need for Email Marketing Tools!)

 Incl. real-life case studies and copy & paste templates for your emails


It's important to build an email list for your business, BUT you can attract customers and grow even before having a large list. Sign up for the training now to learn more about the hidden potential of your existing contacts:

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One-time payment – NO subscription – immediate access

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This Training is part of The SwissMadeMarketing Online Academy

Grow your business online in 8 weeks with daily training, actionable strategies, and step-by-step support from our team of experts. The Online Academy covers everything you need to successfully build your business online.

Business Strategy:

including finding your niche, creating your business offer, setting your prices, and the different online models you can integrate into your business.

Funnel Building:

including creating lead magnets and landing pages, scripting sales videos, and using different strategies to bring clients into your business.

Free Traffic:

including SEO and search marketing, keyword research, organic social media marketing (including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube), and blogging.

Paid Traffic:

including Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, and Google PPC.

Automating & Scaling:

including email marketing, running online meetings, organising your calendar, and delivering your content and services.


Live questions & answers, regular marketing hotseats, actionable PDFs and checklists, and a students-only Facebook group for accounability and support.

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Who are we? 

We’re the SwissMadeMarketing team! Since 2010, we’ve worked to create innovative marketing tools for people who do online marketing - whether that’s an agency, a freelancer, or a business owner like you.

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