Take Control of Your SEO With the World's Fastest, Most Effective Keyword Research Tool!

Find the most profitable niches, discover the best keywords to optimize your pages for, gain the edge over your competition with cutting-edge SEO-competition data and keep track of all your marketing campaigns.

Finding Profitable Keywords Has Never Been Easier

Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO campaign.

Imagine that you create a new page on your site today and add some content. Very soon, you see more and more traffic to your site, all going to that new page. Your promotion of that page is a success, it shows up in the top spot for it’s main keyword in Google and it pulls in a steady stream of visitors to your site. Better yet, the visitors are qualified and interested in what you have to tell, sell or promote.

When this happens, you can be sure that the crucial first step in the process was selecting the right keyword.

SEO Software helping you choose the right keyword

After you've made a choice of keywords, everything that follows builds up on those keywords. If you get that first step wrong, everything that follows is doomed to fail

With SECockpit, it's now easier than ever before to pick out the perfect keywords for your business, from a vast pool of potential search terms. This is thanks to the fact that SECockpit works faster than any other keyword tool and provides you with better, more accurate insight than any competing product.



Keyword Research at Warp Speed

SECockpit will save you hours upon hours of time, because it runs faster than any other keyword research or SEO software. SECockpit runs in the cloud and can access enormous amounts of processing power.

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Find More and Better Keyword Opportunities than Your Competitors

Most keyword research tools have one single source of keywords: the Google AdWords interface. If you are limiting yourself to just that one source, you are mising out!

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Sift Out the Most Valuable Keywords in Just Seconds!

Looking for the perfect AdSense keyword? Trying to find the ideal “buying keywords” for your niche? Looking for some untapped opportunities?

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Get the Edge Over Your Competitors With Superior Data

With SECockpit, you get access to the best, most comprehensive SEO data available anywhere. Take the guesswork out of your competition analysis!

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Keep Your SEO Campaigns on Track

SEO doesn’t end with having found a keyword. What if your SEO software simply told you what to do next? SECockpit lets you easily setup campaigns, keep track of your activities and even your backlinks.

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Outstanding Support and Training

As an SECockpit customer, you are always in good hands! You’ll have access to a detailed training manual and videos to help you get started. Plus, you can contact our helpdesk at any time.

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See What Our Customers Have to Say About SECockpit

I'm really excited by this tool. I needed about 20 minutes training. We work closely together with many affiliates on a daily basis, all working in a specific niche, and for these Webmasters SECockpit can really be worth gold! Karsten Windfelder, Owner of 100Partnerprogramme.de

I have studied keyword research for over 2 years now and have used just about every tool out there. Some are good but there is nothing that comes close to SECockpit. Using SECockpit has been a turn around for our business where we previously spend a lot of time on keyword research and were still not certain we now have a solution that is fast, simple to use and very reliable.


I use SECockpit every day and absolutely love it. - Andreas - onpage1.co.nz


SECockpit is the best I've seen in the last years I’m working with searching for niches. In 24 hours I found more than 15 diamonds already. The possibility of choosing language and area is really great. Combining it with Google Insight gives the real proof of having a niche and being able to work on a specific project with great chances of earning money.


Manually checking the competition is far too slow – for me the first class version of SECockpit gives me the maximum the speed I need. - Thomas M. - selfcontrolshop.com


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