Seeing Different Top 10 Results in SECockpit than in Google?

When you double-click a keyword in SECockpit, you can access the detailed analysis of the top ten search results for that keyword.

If you go and do a Google search for the same keyword, you'll sometimes find a difference between the top ten pages shown in Google and those shown in SECockpit. The reason for this is quite simple: Google has all kinds of variables in the way it displays the top results. For example, depending on your location when you do the search, the device you use to do the search and your previous search history ("Google Personalized Search"), you can get varying results.

SECockpit is getting the top results from the "official" Google source, but your personal results can be different.

In terms of competition, it doesn't matter too much, though. Even if the results aren't exactly the same, they are still a good enough basis to use for calculating the competition strength for a particular keyword.