Some Keywords Remain Grayed Out - Why?

Especially when you do a search using the Google Suggest source, it can often happen that dozens of keywords remain gray, in the list and SEO analysis details are not available for these keywords.

What's happening is that there are many keywords in this list with virtually no search traffic and these don't get analyzed by SECockpit. Any term that gets fewer than 30 exact searches a month is not processed by SECockpit, to save resources.

The reasoning is this: a keyword with 29 searches a month would net you fewer than one visitor every other day, even if you get the number one spot (assuming the top spot gets around 40% of the clicks). If you then take into consideration that conversion rates for anything (free signups, purchases, ad clicks) are well below 100%, it means that from number one ranking position for a keyword like this, you'd probably barely get any conversions, even after an entire year.

Bottom line: the keywords are not considered worth even considering for an SEO campaign.