«Not provided»: Google Analytics is hiding keywords

The keywords that caused our visitors to find us via Google, represent a very valuable information for us. Unfortunately, Google is hiding these keywords more and more, and simply summarizes them as "not provided". Those bulked together keywords can represent up to 60% of our visitors.



We're ranking for keywords we know nothing about

The keywords that Google Analytics shows us are interesting, because we're obviously already ranking for them. But: How good are these keywords? Are the visitors that we've gotten thanks to these keywords even of interest to us? And what of the competition? Is it possible that we would have very good chances to round up even more visitors with these keywords, or is the competition too great? We don't have enough data to plan concrete next steps.


TrafficAnalysis reveals the potential of the keywords

Thanks to connections to large keyword databases such as SEM Rush and searchmetrics, TrafficAnalysis kann reveal a large part of the "not provided" keywords. With help from SECockpit and RankTracker, TrafficAnalysis can additionally determine the value of the keywords, by giving you detailled information about your competition and current ranking.

In other words:

Thanks to TrafficAnalysis you know exactly through which keywords you get visitors, how much potential those keywords contain, and how much work the optimization for these keywords will cost you.

  • Reveals a large amount of the «not provided» keywords
  • Analyses the competitors for these keywords with SECockpit
  • Determines the current ranking position with RankTracker