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It's awesome to see how intensely our main product - SECockpit - is being used. The downside of this is that simply keeping the tool up and running - always ensuring that there's enough processing power for all users, keeping up with all the updates of the data sources we use, etc... - has become more than a full time job!

Did you know that on average...

  • We process about 0.5 Million Keywords a day!
  • That's 0.5 Million * Top 10 Results = 5 Million URLs we need to process in 24 hours!

As our user base is constantly growing, we knew our current server setup (read more) would finally reach its limits. That's why we needed to take things to the next level.

Up into the Amazon Cloud

I'm really excited to announce that we're finally about to complete one of the largest and most daring projects we've been working on - building up an entirely new and scalable server farm for SECockpit in the Amazon Cloud!

The biggest advantage the Amazon Cloud Services bring, is that we now have a setup that can scale itself up automatically.

When is the migration planned?

We're planning to migrate SECockpit into the Amazon Cloud


Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 – 3 AM Eastern (New York) Time.


What does this mean for you?

We've planned and prepared the migration to the Amazon Cloud in a way so that no data will be lost.


How long will the downtime be?

We've prepared things so that there's almost no downtime. However, this change requires a DNS Change (setting on the domain). Unfortunately, this can take up to a few hours to replicate worldwide. This means, some users may not notice any downtime, while others won't be able to access the site for a few hours.


What's in it for me?

The new system will finally allow us to release our brand new Product - Rank Tracker - to all SECockpit Customers! All SECockpit customers can use Rank Tracker with 100 Keywords at no additional cost!


Thanks for your patience & for being part of our this big step in SwissMadeMarketing's story!

We will send out another message as soon as the migration is complete.