About SwissMadeMarketing

Yes, we're a real company based in a nice office near the capital of Switzerland, Berne. We have a «core team» working here in Switzerland, but we also have a team of freelancers from different parts of the world.

Swiss Team


Sam Hänni


Luana Mäder
Head of Marketing


Matthias Hänni
CFO & Customer Service


Mireille van Reenen
Business & Marketing Consultant


Tim Hänni
Software & Marketing Consultant


Jamie Hänni
Business & Marketing Consultant


Lauren Sowers
Marketing Assistant


Michelle Ginzburg 
Media Specialist Trainee 

International Team


Anaïs Gibert
Marketing France


Andreea Rus


Chris Coleman
Web Developer


Mehmed Ahmed
Web Developer

How it all began...

SwissMadeMarketing was founded in 2010. Our driving force is the knowledge that this «Internet Thing» is the most powerful platform that has ever existed. Online Marketing has become so important for all businesses nowadays that it can make or break any company.

As an ambitious and slightly technology-obsessed team from Switzerland, we made it our mission to create and provide a complete toolset and training for business owners, SEO companies and affiliate marketers to build a profitable business online.


One of the biggest milestones up to this point has been in 2012, when a Management-Buy-Out of the Web-Development Department, from the IT Company Unico Data, was completed. The buy-out consisted of 4 employees and the Web Content Management Framework «inCMS».

inCMS is actively being used by a large number of corporate Websites. To secure the future developement and support of inCMS, such a deal was devised and signed by the beginning of 2012.

Taking it to the next level

SwissMadeMarketing now has the perfect foundation to take things to the next level. We've been able to become the owner of the framework, used by all our Internet Marketing Tools. Additionally we now have a team of Web Designers and Developers who have multiple years of experience in creating new websites and programming online tools built with inCMS. Be prepared for more awesomeness :-)


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