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Marketing Online? Swiss Quality Internet Marketing Solutions

Our product-line includes everything SEO Experts, Web Agencies and Internet Marketers need for their daily tasks.
From Keyword Research to Traffic Optimisation and also Monitoring your efforts - we have a solution (click here to learn more »).


Find Profitable Keywords on Google

With SECockpit, our High-Speed Keyword Research Tool

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Rank Higher on Youtube

By finding the right keywords to focus on with YTCockpit

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Create Websites

With inCMS, the easy and intuitive Website-Editor

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Reveal your Rankings

TrafficAnalysis uncovers a very large percentage of your (not provided)-Keywords in Google Analytics.

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Spy on your Competitors' Backlinks

With Backlinkspy, the comprehensive Backlink Analysis Tool

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Measure your Success

RankTracker checks your rankings for specific keywords daily and automatically.

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Recent Blog Updates

New: Feature Update - Saving Filters in SECockpit


You can now filter your SECockpit keyword search results and additionally save the filters of your choice. In future keyword searches your saved filters will be considered and the results will be listed accordingly.

Learn more about it by watching the video:

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New: Feature Update - Optimization of the Editing Mode


With this Feature Update, we have optimized the editing mode of inCMS, making creating your own website an even easier, quicker and more enjoyable process than it already was.

Watch the video to find out more:

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New: Local-Page Template "Veterinary"


We just released a new inCMS Local-Page Template for the Niche “Veterinary”. Simply duplicate it, customize it according to your needs and just like that, profit from the many possibilities this new template has to offer.

To learn more about this new template, watch the video:

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Recent Training Webinar Recordings

[Invite] How to Create an Effective Traffic Strategy with Profitable Keywords

Sign up for this exclusive training to get more quality visitors to your website:

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[Invite] Even More Traffic

Expose the keywords your competitors and big websites are ranking for and use them to grow your business. Sign up for this exclusive training:

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[Invite] Create and Sell Websites with ease

How to be a 6-Figure B2B Company in 12 Months Through Persuasive Marketing. Sign up for this exclusive training:

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