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Tools for the effective execution of your marketing tasks

CopyCockpit is an A.I. (artificial intelligence) tool and offers you a talented and experienced marketing assistant at your side. It creates your marketing texts and much more. With our SEO tools, you can do keyword research (and A.I. brings new creative approaches) and more. inCMS is a website editor that makes editing your website a breeze. 


A.I. Assistant (CopyCockpit)


SEO tools (SECockpit)


Website editor (inCMS)

Knowledge to take charge of your marketing

You will get an overview of the most important marketing strategies and learn how to implement them step by step. With one clear goal: to win new customers for your business. The online academy offers trainings on essential marketing topics, checklists, examples, and templates to download.

Our main focus is the German-speaking market. If you speak German, please switch to the German version of our website and enjoy a wider range of Academy topics. 

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Get supported and inspired by other entrepreneurs like you. Exchange ideas, share knowledge and benefit from the experiences and best practices of others. 

The community creates a positive and supportive environment that helps you overcome difficulties and bring out the best in yourself and your business.

For busy entrepreneurs and web agencies

Over the past decade, we've helped thousands of entrepreneurs and web agencies achieve their marketing goals. Use our step-by-step methods and tools to set up a successful sales funnel, improve rankings and get qualified leads. 

Our trainings and tools are suitable for various industries. For example, our clients come from social work, finance, real estate, retail, hospitality, health & wellness, creativity & design and leisure & education.


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Meet the team at SwissMadeMarketing

Since 2010, SwissMadeMarketing has been creating new business solutions for everyone who works with online marketing: from keyword research to CMS platforms.

SwissMadeMarketing constantly strives to be at the forefront of innovation. The goal of these innovations is to automate business processes and make the life of every entrepreneur more efficient and productive. In less time.

The team is made up of highly skilled programmers in Switzerland and an international team of marketing experts, who all put their heart and soul into creating world-class products for you.

We are driven by the realisation that this "internet thing" is the most powerful platform that has ever existed. Online marketing has become so important in our time that it can determine the success or failure of any business.

Winning new customers? Get the roadmap!

With our online marketing roadmap, we enable entrepreneurs and web agencies to increase their know-how and self-confidence in this area. Save valuable time and benefit from over 10 years of experience to successfully market your business in the digital space.

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