New: Feature Update - Consent Log


According to GDPR, an EU data protection regulation, websites are required to ask for visitors' consent before storing cookies in their browser. Furthermore, the consent must be logged, making it possible to prove that a specific visitor gave their consent. With this Feature Update, inCMS logs every consent for every page and customers can now view their website’s log.

Want to learn more? Watch the video now:

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New: Feature Update - Redirect-Service


Have you experienced this? With HTTPS and without www your website’s domain simply doesn’t load. With this Feature Update we have created a solution to this problem: a new redirect-service.

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New: Feature Update - Text Input Quiz Module


Academy and inCMS Agency customers have the ability to add a quiz to their website. Thanks to this Feature Update, you can now also add text input fields to your quiz. This allows (potential) customers to answer your questions in text form.

Are you interested in learning more? Watch this video now:

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Info: Spam in the inCMS contact form


Unfortunately, it can happen again and again that you receive such fraudulent messages regarding your domain via your inCMS contact form. Please delete these emails. Your domains are safe with us. All payments may only be made via SwissMadeMarketing.

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New: Feature Update - Quiz Module


Academy and inCMS Agency customers can benefit from a new inCMS module: They can now add a quiz to their website! This quiz can be used for various purposes. Its implementation can make it possible for them to better understand their potential customers and it can allow their customers to learn more about their products, services and/or their company as a whole.

Sounds interesting? Watch the video to find out more:

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Feature Highlight - Smooth Scroll to Anchor


Did you know that you can use inCMS to create websites with the function “smooth scroll to anchor”? This means that all the information the website contains is on one single page. When clicking on a specific menu button, the page will scroll to the right part of the website.

Find out how to implement this function by watching this video:

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Feature Highlight - Member Pages


Did you know that inCMS allows you to create websites with restricted pages, so-called Member Pages? These restricted pages are only accessible to people who successfully complete the log-in process.

In this video Tim guides you through the process of creating your own Member Pages:

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Feature Highlight - Search Module


Did you know that you can add a search module to your inCMS website? This allows visitors to search for a specific word and subsequently be led to the relevant subpage. This way, any information your website contains can be easily and quickly found.

Learn more about it in this video:

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Feature Highlight - 404-Error Page


Did you know that you can create your own 404-error page in inCMS? You have the possibility to design the page, adding text, images and links to your own liking. If a website visitor then clicks on an old link to a page that no longer exists, he will be shown the 404-error page you created.

Learn more about how it works in this video:

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New: Feature Update - ActiveCampaign & CleverReach


Integrate ActiveCampaign or CleverReach into inCMS in order to collect and save the data entered into a CrossSignup form in these portals.

Watch this video to learn more:

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