Data Processing Agreement (DPA, Article 28 GDPR)

Due to the new data privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if you collect personal, individual-related data with our tools (f.e. creating websites with inCMS for end customers), we also ask you to download our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) via the following PDF.

Please read it, fill out your details on page 1, sign it on page 6 and to return it to us. The PDF document has form fields, so you can fill your details electronically and return it to us via email: O1hUVktXUlpVWF57SExSSEhWWl9eVlpJUF5PUlVcFVhUVg@nospam

Our Data Processing Agreement is currently only available in German. Please contact LU5CQF1BRExDTkhtXlpEXl5ATElIQExfRkhZRENKA05CQA@nospam if you have any questions.