The new SwissMadeMarketing Apps are here!


The time has come: This week we will definitely switch to the new SwissMadeMarketing Apps.

With this update, we are thrilled to show you a new, modern design, improvements in the application and some great new features and are looking forward to every feedback!

Further information:

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May we present to you: The new SwissMadeMarketing Apps


Our developers spent the past couple of months working - committed and enthusiastically - on a big update for the SwissMadeMarketing Apps.

We are very happy to present the brand new version of our apps to you!

A video with initial insights as well as further information can be found here:

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New: Better overview on small screens


With the new update of our SwissMadeMarketing Apps you will have a better overview of your tools, projects, websites, keyword searches etc. - even on smaller screens. Watch the video:

How to exclude keywords in TrafficAnalysis


TrafficAnalysis now allows you to type in negative keywords and exclude them from the results. Watch the video:

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How to create filter templates in TrafficAnalysis


TrafficAnalysis now allows you to create filter templates. Once you set your template up, you will be able to filter your lists with just a few clicks. Watch the video:

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How to deactivate Quick Tips


You now have the ability to deactivate quick tips in all our tools. Watch the video:

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TrafficAnalysis: What happens to non-ranking keywords?


What happens to keywords which don’t have a ranking anymore? How are these keywords displayed in TrafficAnalysis? And how do you recognize those non-ranking keywords? Watch the video:

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New in TrafficAnalysis: Tooltips


Display further information (tooltips) about each column by hovering your mouse over the column headers. Watch this video to learn more:

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Show 1,000 results at once


SECockpit, YTCockpit, TrafficAnalysis and BacklinkSpy have a new button. Watch this video to learn more:

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New Design For All Our Apps (BETA)


New design improvements for all SwissMadeMarketing apps are now in public beta. We invite you to check them out. Watch Sam's video now to learn more...

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