Feature Highlight - Generate leads with SEO


The power of the niche: In order to achieve a high ranking, you need nothing more than a simple search engine-optimized website that directly addresses potential customers’ problems. Our keyword research tool SECockpit’s filter feature assists you in fully utilizing the potential of the niche and generating high quality leads with your website.

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New: Feature Update - Consent Log


According to GDPR, an EU data protection regulation, websites are required to ask for visitors' consent before storing cookies in their browser. Furthermore, the consent must be logged, making it possible to prove that a specific visitor gave their consent. With this Feature Update, inCMS logs every consent for every page and customers can now view their website’s log.

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Feature Highlight - Ranking Subpages


Does this sound familiar: Subpages can’t achieve a high ranking, this can only be done with your main domain. This opinion is very popular - but incorrect. And in this SECockpit Feature Highlight, we will show you how you can, in fact, achieve high rankings with your subpages.

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Feature Highlight - Easily Find and Rank Blogpost Ideas


You want to create a blog, but don’t know how you’ll manage to come up with ideas for successful blogposts? You don’t know how you’ll find interesting topics that will also rank well? In that case, we have great news for you: SECockpit will support you. Get to know two valuable SECockpit features that you can rely on when searching for valuable blogpost ideas.

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Feature Highlight - Choose New Keyword-Domain for Main Topic


In this SECockpit Feature Highlight we are answering the following question: How do I choose a new keyword-domain for my main topic? Learn more about the true potential of keyword-domains and profit from our most valuable tips and tricks when it comes to finding a good keyword-domain for your project.

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Feature Highlight - Ranking Existing Domain for Main Topic


How can you improve your existing domain’s ranking? By taking a look at the so-called "main topic of your website". But how do you define YOUR main topic? And what specific optimization measures can you derive from it? Our keyword research tool SECockpit supports you in answering these questions and helps you conquer this often times overwhelming task.

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New: Feature Update - Redirect-Service


Have you experienced this? With HTTPS and without www your website’s domain simply doesn’t load. With this Feature Update we have created a solution to this problem: a new redirect-service.

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New: Feature Update - Text Input Quiz Module


Academy and inCMS Agency customers have the ability to add a quiz to their website. Thanks to this Feature Update, you can now also add text input fields to your quiz. This allows (potential) customers to answer your questions in text form.

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New: Feature Update - Quiz Module


Academy and inCMS Agency customers can benefit from a new inCMS module: They can now add a quiz to their website! This quiz can be used for various purposes. Its implementation can make it possible for them to better understand their potential customers and it can allow their customers to learn more about their products, services and/or their company as a whole.

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Feature Highlight - Smooth Scroll to Anchor


Did you know that you can use inCMS to create websites with the function “smooth scroll to anchor”? This means that all the information the website contains is on one single page. When clicking on a specific menu button, the page will scroll to the right part of the website.

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