New: Feature Update - Member-Page Template "Life Coach"


We are happy to be able to present a newly released Member-Page Template named “Life Coach” to you. This template has a nice and simple design and is the perfect foundation for a well functioning member area. Of course it only takes a couple of clicks to duplicate it and adapt it according to your / your company’s needs.

Interested? In that case be sure to watch this video:

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New: Feature Update - Local-Page “Web Agency 24”


We would like to present the newly released Local-Page Template “Web Agency 24” to you. It’s a nicely designed website which you can easily duplicate and adapt according to your needs and wishes.

Learn more about this template by watching the video:

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What if the current crisis holds the key to your breakthrough?


This is my vision for you: I want you to see your biggest breakthrough during this crisis.

Click here to let go of worry and tap into your true potential.

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Corona Update: An important personal message from CEO Sam Hänni


The world is currently in an exceptional situation. How are you dealing with this? Are you guided by fear or are you led by hope?

In this personal video I have an important message for you:

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New: Feature Update - Quick Search & Data Protection menu


We are pleased to announce two small new innovations concerning „Quick Search“ and the Data Protection menu.

Watch the Feature Update Video from Tim to learn more.

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New: Feature Update - Google Fonts: Self-Hosting Fonts


In order to display all non-standard fonts correctly, your website connects with Google Fonts (and thus with Google Servers). It then loads the required web fonts in the visitors browser cache.

If you want to avoid this, you can now download and install the Google font(s) of your choice (self hosted).

For more details, watch the video:

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New: Feature Update - Local-Page Template “Web Design”


We released a new Local-Page Template for the Niche “Web Design”. The design is modern and visually appealing and the page contains many useful functions - for instance the very helpful Mobile Smartbox. As always, it only takes a few clicks to adjust the template to suit your business.

Watch the video to get some more in depth information:

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New: Feature Update - Data Protection Menu (GDPR EU Law and Cookies)


With this inCMS Feature Update we would like to introduce the Data Protection Menu. It allows you to select the data protection settings for your website, ensuring that it is GDPR compliant.

For some more detailed information, watch the video:

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New: Feature Update - Placeholder for Last Update


This inCMS Feature Update allows you to insert a placeholder code into your footer which will then automatically display the time of your website’s last update. This way, you will never have to make manual adjustments again.

If you’re interested in learning more about this update, watch the video:

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New: Feature Update - Local-Page Template "Holiday Apartment"


We’ve released a new Local-Page Template for the niche “Holiday Apartment”. The design is visually appealing and modest. As always, the template can easily be duplicated and adapted, allowing you to make it your own.

Find out more by watching the video:

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