Your SEO Plan (Part 3): How to Build (even more) Google Proof Backlinks (webinar recording)

Want to get Top Rankings on Google? Then you need a backlink plan that actually works in 2014 (and beyond). This webinar shows you:

How to find backlinks by keyword: In just two clicks, you can find the best 1,000 backlinks of pages which have a Top 10 Google ranking for your keyword.

How to find out the title of the pages, their status (404, 301, 200 ..) and other key figures.

How to filter backlinks by category (forum, blog, etc.) ... Check out the webinar recording now:

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Your SEO Plan (Part 2): Getting your plan done and making more sales (webinar recording)

Do you have a website and want to rank higher on Google? Then you need a clear SEO plan that explains all measures step by step.

Do you think that SEO is very time consuming and that you can never make it? We'll show you how to get your SEO plan done - immediately and without having to take care of it yourself. Watch the webinar recording now:

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Your SEO Plan (Part 1): How to get immediate high quality backlinks (webinar recording)

We had an awesome training webinar on how to create high quality content with minimal effort and get high quality backlinks.

Let's face it: most SEO task lists don't work. They tell you to build backlinks - and we all know how difficult it is to do so. The link sources that you are being referred to are out of date or even inactive. In short: you are wasting your time!

The good news is: we have a solution to this well-known problem. Watch the webinar replay to find out how we put our new backlink plan into action ourselves:

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[FeatureFriday] Zahlreiche neue Funktionen für inCMS


inCMS hat ein Update erhalten – und das kann sich sehen lassen! Nebst einigen Verbesserungen im Hintergrund, die das System weiter stabilisieren, haben wir einige tolle Features eingebaut, auf die viele von euch gewartet haben.

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Overview on all SwissMadeMarketing Solutions - Special End-Of-Year Webinar Replay


If you've been following us for a while, I'm sure you've seen that we've kept ourselves pretty busy this year! We've been able to release many new tools and features this year. What we're going to do on today's webinar is give you the big picture - how everything falls in place - all the steps it takes to get from an idea to a successful online business - and we're going to do that with the help of chocolate :-)

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Uncover the 100% not provided keywords (Free Webinar)


Unfortunately, we did see it coming: the day when we login to our Google Analytics and see that all organic keywords show up as (not provided). Because it was clear for us this would sooner rather than later, we've been researching and testing A LOT in this space. We specifically looked for alternatives - how we can still be effective with SEO by figuring out which keywords are working and which one's aren't. We're presenting all of this knowledge on a LIVE Webinar...

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Google Keyword Tool Shut Down Today


As of today, 27th August, you can only access the new Keyword Planner Tool within Google Adwords. Checkout our article for important links and information regarding this update.

SECockpit is not affected by this change!

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Google Keyword Tool vs Keyword Planner


Short video presenting all the new features and everything that's changed.

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[FeatureFriday] Spy on your Competitor Backlinks - New Analysis System


In today's update we're presenting a sneak peek of a new Backlinks Analysis System

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[FeatureFriday] Awesome SECockpit and TrafficAnalysis News


In today's update we're presenting awesome new functions in SECockpit (now you can choose your currency!) and TrafficAnalysis.

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