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SECockpit is now running in the Amazon Cloud!

If you are missing any data or if anything isn't working as before - please Contact our Helpdesk.

It's been a huge, but worthwhile project: migrating our entire Server Farm into the Amazon Cloud. But I'm really proud we've been able to make this huge step forward.

Rank Tracker available for all SECockpit Customers!

Thanks to the new Server Setup and additional resources, we've finally been able to release our Rank Tracker Tool to all exisiting (and upcoming!) SECockpit Customers. Check out the following video to see how you can access and use the tool:


Once again, thanks for bearing with us while we made this huge update to SECockpit! It's awesome to have you as our customer.

Let us know by leaving a comment below if you'd like us to write another post, going into more (technical) detail how our amazon cloud is built up!