Discover Your Online Niche.


SECockpit - the Software for Comprehensive Online Market Analysis

Find Niches, analyze competition, create an action plan. Allows you to figure out what potential customers are searching for and what you need to take in account before you begin planning out your Web Project, so that you can reach the best possible success. learn more

Easily Create and Edit Websites.


inCMS - intuitive Website Editing Software.

Thanks to drag and drop support and a toolset very similar to Microsoft Office(R), creating and editing websites couldn't be easier. But inCMS is still very extensive and adapts itself to your needs. learn more

Celebrate your Achievements.


Rank Tracker - Visualizes the Effect of your SEO Efforts.

Thanks to automated daily tracking, you can measure exactly how the ranking position of your web projects is developing for specific keywords. And this is done at the same time for different languages​and regions. learn more

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Recent Training Webinar Recordings

How to get immediate hiqh quality backlinks (webinar recording)

We had an awesome training webinar on how to create high quality content with minimal effort and get high quality backlinks.

Let's face it: most SEO task lists don't work. They tell you to build backlinks - and we all know how difficult it is to do so. The link sources that you are being referred to are out of date or even inactive. In short: you are wasting your time!

The good news is: we have a solution to this well-known problem. Watch the webinar replay to find out how we put our new backlink plan into action ourselves: (…) Read more

Overview on all SwissMadeMarketing Solutions - Special End-Of-Year Webinar Replay

If you've been following us for a while, I'm sure you've seen that we've kept ourselves pretty busy this year! We've been able to release many new tools and features this year. What we're going to do on today's webinar is give you the big picture - how everything falls in place - all the steps it takes to get from an idea to a successful online business - and we're going to do that with the help of chocolate :-) (…) Read more

Uncover the 100% not provided keywords (Free Webinar)

Unfortunately, we did see it coming: the day when we login to our Google Analytics and see that all organic keywords show up as (not provided). Because it was clear for us this would sooner rather than later, we've been researching and testing A LOT in this space. We specifically looked for alternatives - how we can still be effective with SEO by figuring out which keywords are working and which one's aren't. We're presenting all of this knowledge on a LIVE Webinar... (…) Read more

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