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This video is a short and simple demonstration for all AdSense 100K Blueprint customers. Take a quick look over my shoulder to see how you can integrate the A100K Blueprint with SECockpit and have all of the relevant tasks display inside your SECockpit dashboard.

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4 Week Task Plan

This task profile follows the 4 week plan outlined in the A100K Blueprint. To display tasks based on the age of your project, the profile uses the “Created on” date in the Project Settings:


About the A100K Blueprint

In case you are not familiar, the AdSense 100K Blueprint is a comprehensive guide on how to build websites and effectively monetize them with AdSense ads. It was created by Michael Ullman and Adam Franklin, who are both highly experienced online marketers and have years of experience with SEO and AdSense. It is one of the very few information products that we recommend.

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Shane Melaugh is the Chief Marketing Officer of SwissMadeMarketing who is responsible for most of the video- and marketing-related stuff you see on this site.