New: Feature Update - Carousel Module


In addition to the Slideshow module you now have access to the Carousel module and with it a lot of new possibilities!

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New color picker


Today Tim will show you how to select colors even easier in your inCMS settings. Watch the video:

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New: Sticky Header


This new inCMS feature will make your header sticky no matter where you scroll. Watch the video:

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New layout options


You want to change the padding of the main content area on your inCMS website? Watch the video:

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New styling options for buttons


Bold, italic, colors, even icons and multiple lines are possible! Watch the video:

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New: Scheduled Publications


inCMS now allows you to schedule the publications of your blog posts, modules and pages. Watch the video:

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Create beautiful pricing tables? Here's how


This tutorial video shows you how to create simple and stunning pricing tables with inCMS. Watch now:

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New icons: Show and hide modules


In inCMS, you have four different options for displaying modules (such as text, images, etc.). Watch the video:

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New: Better overview on small screens


With the new update of our SwissMadeMarketing Apps you will have a better overview of your tools, projects, websites, keyword searches etc. - even on smaller screens. Watch the video:

New: How to add popups to your website


inCMS allows you to use popups. Watch the video:

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