Der Große LocalBizProfit Design Wettbewerb


Aufgepasst! Wir starten einen großen LocalBizProfit Design Wettbewerb. Jetzt mitmachen und einen der heiß begehrten Preise gewinnen. Schauen Sie sich jetzt Sam's Video an...

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Two Brandnew Templates and the New Redirect Manager


A new update is available for LocalBizProfit. Do you want to know which two new templates we developed for you? And how the new Redirect Manager works? Watch Sam's video now...

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Track rankings on Google Mobile Search with RankTracker


If you haven't heard yet, somebody must be sleeping on the job!

It's the "talk" of the whole internet marketing world.

Google is making a massive update to it's algorithm on April 21.

And if you are NOT ready, it will definitely affect your website rankings.

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Has Google removed "Exact Match" from Keyword Planner?


No, Google has not removed "Exact Match" (even though you might get this feeling when reading through marketing blogs lately).

But, Google has once again made a bigger change to AdWords

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[FeatureFriday] New PayPal Features and a very special tool recommendation


We're proud to present some awesome new features in LocalBizProfit and inCMS. From now on, you have more options when inserting a PayPal button. And that’s not all

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[Feature Friday] SECockpit gets even more intuitive


We're proud to present some awesome new features in SECockpit, which make SECockpit even more intuitive

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[FeatureFriday] You've been waiting for this...


We're proud to present an awesome new feature in inCMS, which many of you have been waiting for. You can now use dropdown menus to make the design of your websites even more unique and elegant.

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[FeatureFriday] Zahlreiche neue Funktionen für inCMS


inCMS hat ein Update erhalten – und das kann sich sehen lassen! Nebst einigen Verbesserungen im Hintergrund, die das System weiter stabilisieren, haben wir einige tolle Features eingebaut, auf die viele von euch gewartet haben.

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[FeatureFriday] Awesome SECockpit and TrafficAnalysis News


In today's update we're presenting awesome new functions in SECockpit (now you can choose your currency!) and TrafficAnalysis.

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[FeatureFriday] Export Data with RankTracker and SECockpit


Now, You can also export the detail page of a keyword in SECockpit. And - what many of our customers have been waiting for: The export function is now also available in Rank Tracker.

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