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Die richtigen Keywords finden

Finding the right keywords

Finding the right keywords

In order to have a successful online business, you must find good keywords. Our very own marketing expert, Reto Stuber, has written an article on this topic.

Reto writes, that the most important ground rules for finding keywords are:

1. Only choose keywords that are looked for often
2. You should manage to get in to the top-3 for your keyword
3. That means, choose keywords, for which you have a legitimate chance of ranking
4. Specific keywords are better than generic/global ones (i.e. "order iPhone 5 online" instead of "iPhone 5")

The following factors are also important:

• The (commercial) intent of the person searching
• The size of the (niche-)market
• The traffic for this keyword
• How difficult (or easy) it will be to rank for this keyword

Reto distinguishes between two different types of keywords: "Profit keywords" and "information keywords".

Profit keywords

The name speaks for itself: These are keywords, that (can) yield profit. They often contain words like "buy" / "order" / "cheap" / etc. People looking for these keywords are already quite sure that they want to buy something and are already in the right mind-set for spending money.

Information keywords

People looking for these keywords mostly want to find an answer to a question, in other words: They're looking for specific information. Most online searches belong to this category. These keywords might contain words like "tutorial" / "instructions" / "example" / etc. or might be formulated as questions.

Keyword circle

The next step after finding your keywords is the content. Reto writes that Google tends to prefer voluminous / elaborate websites to ones with little content.

For every profit keyword, you should create a content-rich and optimized page, and start an SEO campagne. Each of these pages should also contain a strong "call to action".

Information keywords can be used to "capture" visitors, to generate more traffic for your pages and to make people notice you. Reto writes:

"In the social media, informative content is usually shared more often than content with profit keywords."

To read the more detailed article, you can download it here for free (only available in German):

Download now for free!

Alessandra Bichsel

Alessandra Bichsel

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