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Link Building still has an important role in SEO. Despite all the Google updates - backlinks remain an important factor Google uses to determine the relevance and authority of a website. Unfortunately, anyone who has been doing SEO for anytime is well aware of the fact that building high quality backlinks involves a lot of effort.

In this series of blog posts, we'd like to present three techniques that are used by SEO professionals from around the world effectively. Each of these techniques were presented to us on a Live SwissMadeMarketing Webinar by the SEO expert Brian Dean (www.backlinko.com). These techniques greatly simplify the process of searching for good backlink sources. Even if you already know or even implement these techniques - it's well worth reading anyway. Because with our new tool - Backlink Spy - we open up new methods on how you can implement these techniques much more efficiently.

Technique 1: Guest Posting

An efficient technique to building high quality backlinks is to publish guest posts on successful websites within your niche. So if, for example, you want to promote a website about 3D printers, you could search for blogs that are already established and provide information about 3D printers. Your goal would be to try and publish a useful article on that site, adding value of course, but also containing a link to your own website. This may sound almost impossible. But in reality there are many blog owners that are more than happy to publish guest posts.

How can you now find blogs where you have the best chance of being able to publish a guest post? Brian Dean has shown us his personal method. We'll show you the process step-by-step:

Expert-Tip: Tracking down the best blogs for guest posting

Step 1:

Not all Blogs publish guest posts. To save a lot of time and quickly drill down to those blogs where we have a higher chance, we'll use the following Google search queries:

"your keyword(s)" + "guest post by"  or "your keyword(s)" + "guest author"


Step 2:

Next, we visit one of these listed websites and check who the author is. Because this is a guest post, the author's website will be linked somewhere within the article (usually within the article and/or at the end). We will then copy this website, open up the SwissMadeMarketing «Backlink Spy» Tool and start a backlink search for this URL.

What do we learn as a result? Backlink Spy finds every site with a backlink to this author's website. This provides us with a complete list of blogs this author has been able to publish a guest post in - in our niche of course! Chances are very high that we also can get a guest post published on these websites as (1) they've already done so and (2) we can provide content in the same niche.

Step 3:

Contact the owners of these websites and ask them if they'd be willing to publish a guest post. Provide them with your article - containing a link to your website, or course.

Did you enjoy reading about this method?

There are two more articles following with further extremely efficient methods to building high quality backlinks. If you'd like to view the entire Webinar Recording with Brian Dean - click here.


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Up until now it was often cumbersome to find (high quality) backlinks of your competitors. That's why we created Backlink Spy. This tool allows you to find and analyse all the backlinks of a URL. This is probably the fastest way to find awesome backlinks for your own website.

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