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[FeatureFriday] Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords

Removed: Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords

Google has yet again made a bigger change within AdWords, which will also affect the Keyword Planner tool - and thus all tools relying on data from AdWords (which includes SECockpit).

By default, Google has activated an option in AdWords, which would show your add for misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms and stemmings. But AdWords publishers have been able to disable this with an option. According to the official AdWords Blog Post - this option will no longer be available by the end of September. This means Google will enforce this option for all campaigns, without an option to disable this.

Many SEO / SEM Experts have loudly shared their opinion that this will have a huge impact on PPC and SEO Marketing.

How is Keyword Planner affected (and thus tools, which rely on Keyword Planner's data, like SECockpit)?

The data this change may affect is the "Average Monthly Searches" column. One would assume, that if Google by default shows an ad for all close variants - this would be reflected in the Keyword Planner tool as well, meaning, that the "Average Monthly Searches" may increase slightly over the board.

Why we don't think this change is the "end of SEM / SEO" & will barely affect SECockpit

As always, when changes happen, you always get the camp which predicts the end of the world. In our opinion this change won't have a huge effect on Keyword Research (no matter if you use it for SEM or SEO).

Watch the video to see an example - we show how Google has been handling misspellings and close variations on the Search Results Pages all along and how this change might even improve the accuracy of the "Average Monthly Searches".

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