Manage Thousands of Lines of Data with Custom Formulas In SECockpit

Learn how you can easily manage thousands of lines of data by applying < > values to the Average and Maximum columns using custom formulas in SECockpit

In this video, Sam shows you how to create custom formulas where you can apply < > values for the various Average and Maximum columns. Your custom filters can be set once, then saved to your filters list so you can reuse them over and over again. A big time saver!

Once the filter is applied you can click on any of the results to open the Top Ten websites for the keyword and see that the tolerances you set previously in the custom filter are visible in the results.


Min. 0:00 - 0:34

Min. 0:35 - 2:47
Previewing data from an existing keyword search

Min. 2:48 - 3:37
Additional columns explained

Min. 3:38 - 7:34
Filtering and analysis of the data

Min. 7:35 - 10:41
Creating your own custom formulas

Min. 10:42 - 11:38


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