New Design For All Our Apps (BETA)

New design improvements for all SwissMadeMarketing apps are now in public beta. We invite you to check them out. Watch Sam's video now to learn more.


Video Summary

Min. 0:00 - 0:32

Invite to preview new features before release
Min. 0:33 - 0:47

If you're on a Mac
Min. 0:48 - 1:04

Excited about new features
Min. 1:05 - 1:23

Looking forward to your feedback
Min. 1:24 - 1:36

One last thing (inCMS)
Min. 1:37 - 2:01

Min. 2:02 - 2:06


Your feedback is important to us

What do you think of this update? We look forward to every comment as well as further wishes and ideas.