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Corona Emergency Plan Webinar Replays

Friday, 24th April 2020
Business Ideas / Business Strategies:
Corona Emergency Plan for YOUR Business
  • why you must act NOW
  • what you have to focus on for your business now and what you can forget
  • Focus TODAY: how our emergency plan will help you get online quickly and easily
  • includes Q&A session at the end
Monday, 27th April 2020
Website & Funnel Building:
What’s a marketing funnel, and why do you need one?
  • the first steps of funnel building
  • why funnels are vitally important for growing your business online
  • we can help you create this process in a way that’s straightforward and simple
  • easily filter your ideal customers out of the mass of people online
Tuesday, 28th April 2020
Free Traffic:
How to generate free traffic
  • How keywords hold the internet together
  • How people are searching for the solution you offer
  • Ways to beat the competition in search results
  • How to do speedy and effective keyword research
  • includes Q&A session at the end

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Meet The SwissMadeMarketing Team ...

Competing in the online space has become more demanding and fast-paced in the last couple of years. The key is automation and that is the driving force behind SwissMadeMarketing.

Since 2010, SwissMadeMarketing has created new business solutions for internet marketers from keyword research to a cms platform. Today, SwissMadeMarketing continuously strive to be in the forefront of innovation to automate business process and make every entrepreneur's life more efficient and productive with less time.

The team is composed of highly skilled programers in Switzerland and an international team of marketers dedicated in bringing you high quality products.