SECockpit iPhone App - SEO on the go!

Anyone who uses a mobile device knows that mobile apps improve productivity. The SECockpit iPhone app is on the list of mobile productivity tools because it provides SEO on the go.

Ever wonder how well a particular keyword is doing while you’re away from your desktop? With the SECockpit iPhone app you can view your existing keyword folders and add keyword ideas while on the go. This gives you a head-start when away from the office, which improves your productivity.

See for yourself. Watch Sam's video now! Learn how the SECockpit iPhone app can improve your productivity today.


Min. 0:00 - 0:24
Introduction to the SECockpit iPhone app

Min. 0:25 - 1:14
Download and install the app from the App Store

Min. 1:15 - 1:42
Registered users of SECockpit can view their existing keyword folders

Min. 1:43 - 2:27
Search for new keyword ideas while on the go

Min. 2:28 - 2:57
When you login to SECockpit on your desktop, you will see all of the data related to the keyword phrases you searched for while on the go.

Min. 2:58 - 3:26
Conclusion: The new SECockpit app is now available for IOS. An updated Android version will be available in the near future. We'll keep you informed of its development.


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