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In this video, you’ll get a quick tour of all the new features that have recently been added to SECockpit.

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New Features Overview

  • Standard view now shows monthly exact match searches
  • Standard view now shows summarized competition value for the top 10 sites in the Google results for each keyword
  • Daily traffic estimates and split competition results are still available
  • More precise list of the top ten resulting pages in the detailed keyword view
  • Color-coding in the detailed competition view
  • New Columns:
  • Google Places listing in top ten results
  • Google News listing in top ten results
  • Google Images listed in top ten results
  • Google Products listed in top ten results
  • Video (with thumbnail) listed in top ten results

New tutorial videos and new Bootcamp videos, explaining how to use the new features are coming up!

Shane Melaugh


Shane Melaugh is the Chief Marketing Officer of SwissMadeMarketing who is responsible for most of the video- and marketing-related stuff you see on this site.