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Welcome to the SwissMadeMarketing Bootcamp. In this post, let me just quickly explain what it is and how you can benefit from it.


Short and Sweet

Quite simply, the SwissMadeMarketing Bootcamp is a chance for you to watch online marketing and SEO in action. Sam and I will be showing you exactly how we pick niches and keywords, how we create websites, how we do SEO to get the sites ranked and how we convert traffic into income.

Customer Exclusive… Sort Of

The Bootcamp is exclusive to SECockpit customers and is made to complement the basic tutorial videos that come with SECockpit. We believe that it’s one thing to have an awesome search marketing tool and know how to use it, but it’s another thing entirely to actually be able to see live case studies of all aspects of online marketing in motion. Watching someone else do a task is the most basic and most powerful way of learning. It’s how you learnt to walk and talk and your brain is wired to soak up all the complexity involved in a task and process it in such a way that you can emulate that task. That’s why we believe the Bootcamp is extremely valuable.

And we like to offer extremely valuable stuff to our customers.

However, fear not! Even if you aren’t a customer, there’s still a lot you can get out of the Bootcamp. You see, we also like to offer super-valuable stuff to people in general (even if they aren’t giving us money for it). That’s why, right here on this blog, we’ll be posting updates on the Bootcamp on a regular basis. We’ll be sharing some of the videos, talking about steps we’ve taken, maybe even invite you to a live webinar now and again.

We won’t be sharing all the details and revealing all our sites and niches like we do for the SECockpit customers, but we will make sure that you can get incredible amounts of value out of the bootcamp, even as a “free” attendee.

Next Steps

The first entries and videos for the Bootcamp are coming up real soon and to make sure you don’t miss any of it, we recommend you subscribe to our RSS feed (by clicking here). That way, you’ll always be up-to-date.

Shane Melaugh


Shane Melaugh is the Chief Marketing Officer of SwissMadeMarketing who is responsible for most of the video- and marketing-related stuff you see on this site.