New: Feature Update - Hide Previous Keyword-Searches


With this new SECockpit Feature Update you can now hide your previous keyword-searches. This new function gives you a better overview of your searches and makes organising easier.

Watch the video to learn more:

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New: Feature Update - Saving Filters in SECockpit


You can now filter your SECockpit keyword search results and additionally save the filters of your choice. In future keyword searches your saved filters will be considered and the results will be listed accordingly.

Learn more about it by watching the video:

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New: Feature Update - Improved Keyword-Search Results Settings


This Feature Update offers you improved settings for your keyword-search results. Profit from the huge selection of possible information that SECockpit can give you regarding a specific keyword and easily adjust the settings to get the information that is relevant for you.

Watch the video to find out more:

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The new SwissMadeMarketing Apps are here!


The time has come: This week we will definitely switch to the new SwissMadeMarketing Apps.

With this update, we are thrilled to show you a new, modern design, improvements in the application and some great new features and are looking forward to every feedback!

Further information:

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May we present to you: The new SwissMadeMarketing Apps


Our developers spent the past couple of months working - committed and enthusiastically - on a big update for the SwissMadeMarketing Apps.

We are very happy to present the brand new version of our apps to you!

A video with initial insights as well as further information can be found here:

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New: Better overview on small screens


With the new update of our SwissMadeMarketing Apps you will have a better overview of your tools, projects, websites, keyword searches etc. - even on smaller screens. Watch the video:

New: Email reports and notifications


RankTracker now allows you to receive email reports and notifications. Watch the video to learn more:

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RankTracker: How to highlight your rankings


Want to analyze your rankings even better? Check out RankTracker’s new feature which allows you to highlight your rankings in the graphical view. Watch the video:

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How to deactivate Quick Tips


You now have the ability to deactivate quick tips in all our tools. Watch the video:

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New On-Page Columns in SECockpit


You now have the ability to activate three new columns in SECockpit. Up until now you could only see these columns in the detail view. Now you can show them in the main list and create even better filters to find the best keywords. Watch the video:

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