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New export functions

So far in SECockpit, only the keyword ideas list could be exported to an Excel-compatible file. Now, you can also export the detail page of a keyword in SECockpit. And - what many of our customers have been waiting for: The export function is now also available in Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker much faster

In the same update another improvement could be made on Rank Tracker: The domain profiles are now loaded and opened much faster than before.

Coming soon: Beautiful, printable Reports for Rank Tracker

In this video we'd like to let you see what's in the works right now: soon you will be able to convert Rank Tracker profiles into beautiful reports - with a single click. The Reporst are web-based, so they can be viewed online or you can save them as a PDF-file. We are looking forward to it! And you?

As always, we are interested in your opinion about these new features. We appreciate any comments you leave on the comment box below.

We wish you a nice weekend.
Your Swiss Made Marketing Team