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With today's update we released the following awesome new features!


Better Exporting
Exporting lists with 1000s of keyword isn't an issue any longer. The new Excel XML Export leaves the character set in UTF-8 - this is important for non-western languages.

Rank Tracker Preview
As of now, you can set what exactly should be tracked - a specific root or sub domain or even a specific URL (useful to track Youtube Videos). In this Video Update you can get a Feature Preview of a killer new feature: localized Rank Tracking to every city in the world!


Stay tuned for the next SECockpit feature update :-)

As always, we're keen to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Sam Hänni


Sam Haenni is a Web Developer who has a passion for Online Marketing (especially anything to do with SEO). He co-founded SwissMadeMarketing and is currently spending most of his time working on SECockpit.